Are you struggling getting any feedback from your customers?

Get access to the complete solution that will provide you an easy to use and reliable App to empower your client give you an instant quality feedback.

Core benefit for your business:

  • Help you articulate a business winning strategy
  • Help you have a clear vision of your marketing plan and sales plan
  • Give you a clear direction on how to improve your service, and product
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Monitor change in customer satisfaction over time

Get Feedback, Gain a Vision

Be Better is a user-friendly, reliable, affordable app that helps marketing professionals, small business owners, and solopreneurs get the feedback they need to grow in the right direction.

– Does your business plan feel like groping in the dark because you aren’t sure how to get helpful, genuine feedback?

– Are you tired of complicated and overpriced feedback apps?

Be Better is your go-to solution. Our app reduces survey bias by providing your customers with a 100% anonymous feedback channel that generates honest opinions and helps you improve your product and service.

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Who we are

NagniTech provides a software tool, Be Better, that helps small business owners, solopreneurs and marketing professionals get quality anonymous feedback from their clients so they know what needs to be improved in their product(s) or service(s), to boost their current customers satisfaction and attract more customers which will consequently increase their sales.

Having more quality feedback will help you understand how you can improve your solution, know if your customer is satisfied, and have a better strategy on how you should be positioning your service or product.

Start your 30 days free trial now!


How It Works

Your plan to improve your business performance and customer satisfaction:

  1. Download the app, Be Better, for your 30 days free trial
  2. Check out our affordable subscription plans, starting from only $4.99 a month
  3. Start sharing your feedback requests with clients
  4. View, group, and analyze feedback to boost your business strategy

Be Better means honest, targeted feedback that helps you to improve up to 34% your processes, increase customer satisfaction, and get more leads and sales. Are you ready to Be Better?

Accelerate Your Business Goals With Be Better

Over 25000 users from more than 10 countries are already benefiting from the use of Be Better and boosting their business growth up to 34%.


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