We’re Here for Anyone Who Strives to Be Better.

Everyone has an opinion — but how can you get that critical feedback you need to truly better yourself?

BB makes it easy for you to both receive and provide anonymous, authentic feedback that helps you learn, grow and evolve, both professionally and personally.

Using BB, you can upgrade your workplace performance overnight, increase your productivity and support your professional success.

In your private life, you may find that candid feedback helps improve and heal relationships and friendships by giving everyone a safe, anonymous space to share their truths.

With real feedback from people who make a difference in your life, you can learn from your mistakes, make better decisions and improve your performance.

BB Features include:

  • 100% Anonymous Feedback: All feedback is unnamed, so you can feel comfortable sharing and receiving honest responses.
  • Real-time responses: Feedback is live once you hit publish, making it simple to ask for or give spontaneous input.
  • Privacy, guaranteed: If you’d prefer not to register for the BB community, you can give feedback as a guest. As a member, you can block unwanted users from giving you feedback.
  • Insightful analytics: From your personal dashboard, you can access visualizations of your feedback over time to help you recognize patterns and support better decision-making.
  • Public Testimonials: If you receive feedback that you want to share, you can choose to make it public on your profile to demonstrate professional or personal validation.